The Day My Daughter Was Healed ðŸ¥œ

Testimony time!!!!

My 11 year old daughter, Jade, had had a peanut allergy since she was 1 year old. All of those years, there was fear of her coming near someone who had eaten peanuts, or a kid who had a peanut granola bar for a snack, or a peanut butter sandwich. PB&J sandwiches were everywhere. We managed, but managing isn’t fun for a kid who is afraid of getting sick. Sometimes, she’d be so afraid, she’d cry and just want to go home. She would tell kids to wash their hands, and she’d shy away and not touch anything.

I carried Benadryl in my purse and the school had it on hand just in case. Every activity she signed up for had “peanut allergy” on file. She ate lunch at the “peanut free” table. As she got older, she was very good about handling her allergy. She would let friends know she couldn’t be around peanuts. One time, on a flight to Canada, they served peanuts (that caught us off guard. We thought they didn’t do that anymore), and Jade’s eyes puffed up and her throat was itchy just because peanuts were in the air. So, every flight after that, we informed the flight desk that there was a “peanut allergy” coming on board.

Thankfully, she had never experienced anaphylaxis. Doctors said it was just a matter of time and to get her an EpiPen.

Fast forward to September 21, 2018. We were at our church launch (talk about a milestone day!) and we were praying for healing. Jade said, “Mom! I feel like God healed me! I can feel it in my chest! I’m healed!” She jumped up on stage and shared with everyone that she felt like God did something and she was healed. That was a huge moment for her! Up in front of people, with a microphone, declaring she was healed. So much faith!!!!!

The next morning, Jade tried peanut butter for the first time in her life. I had bought some in faith a few weeks prior, because people in our church were getting healed of food allergies, and they were trying new foods to test it out. So, one day I just bought peanut butter, believing Jade would be healed soon. Testimonies are powerful! Oftentimes, people get healed just by hearing a testimony. {The prayers we prayed that night were actually short and simple! When Jade got healed, it was a 20 second prayer. Something like, “Be healed!”}

First, by her own choice, she decided to smell the peanut butter and we did a muscle test. She did great! Then, she put a little bit in her mouth. Normally, her tongue and throat would get itchy right away. NO REACTION AT ALL!!!!! She was right! She was healed! She said, “I feel that same feeling in my chest. I just know I’m healed!” What’s just as amazing, was that her fear was gone, too! This kid used to cry if there was peanut anything around her. It’s a miracle that we can have peanut butter in the fridge.

We went back to church that afternoon, and Jade got back up on the stage and prayed for people with allergies to be healed. She prayed that they could eat whatever they wanted! When she finished, her friend gave her a peanut m&m. She ate it, ha ha! Again, no reaction! She was so excited! She said, “Those were the best two days of my life! I’m healed! I can’t wait to go to school and tell my friends!”

We went to Chick-fil-A to celebrate, because they use peanut oil and it had been a no-no for us. But that day, Jade was free to eat whatever she wanted.

So, now she is going to tell the school nurse that she doesn’t need her allergy papers on file anymore. I want to be a fly on the wall that day, ha ha!

As a mother, I am so relieved! My kid is free from fear, and a boldness his risen up within her, because she has had her own experience with Jesus. He healed her, and this is her very own testimony. She is sharing it with everyone. Watch out world, here comes Jade! Here she comes with her testimony! If you need healing, receive it!


5 thoughts on “The Day My Daughter Was Healed ðŸ¥œ

  1. Amen! Amen! Amen! So happy for Jade and for your entire family. My 1 year old son has multiple food allergies, we’ve had a very tough year getting to grips with it all, but we just KNOW that God is at work and hasn’t forgotten him! Your testimony fills me with so much hope. Thank you for sharing!


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